The Croatian Digital Group, forward for short CDG, is a section (a group) of amateur radio club "Radioklub Zagreb". This Group is dedicated to radio amateur operators, fundamental to members of Radioklub Zagreb, who maintaining high levels of aumateur radio communications on Digital modes, but also and for all other amateurs who want to join the Group.. All activity of this Group will be trough callsign 9A1EPC. Members of the Gropup will be recognized when they exchange their CDG member numbers.

CDG is founded 03. 01. 2008. by the members of Radio Club Zagreb, who are also members of Europian PSK Club, to practice and promote all amateur radio communications on Digital modes. Members fo CDG will give support to EPC-CRO Award Programe and all other Award Programs and activityes of EPC Club throuhg their membership in Europian PSK Club.

Membership in CDG is fully FREE. You could join to CDG if you are licenced radio amateur, club or SWL, autorized to operate on Digital modes. There is only one special requesment for our members - THEY MUST SEND QSL CARDS FOR THEIR QSO-s. As you know, QSO is valid only if it is confirmed by QSL card.

When you are operating on Digital modes you can exchange your CDG number with other CDG members and keep a record of their number. You can just give your CDG number to others when you are asked for it. By recorded CDG numbers you can control your points for our Club and Group Awards according to the Award Rules. CDG Awards program is free of charge for our membersand EPC members. Awards will be emailed to winers in high quality JPG or PDF format.

According to the Lows , CDG has a Cunstution (Statut) wich is juridically fully harmonized with Constitution of Radio Club Zagreb. President of CDG, secretary, award manager, QSL manager, and all members serve on voluntary basis.

More about Croatian Digital Group on web page:

EPCCRO Award manager: 9A6T EPC # 20450;

QSL manager: 9A5ABH EPC # 0673